Issue 13 - the Road Trip Issue
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One of New England's greatest characteristics are it's scenic drives - not the Route 1's or 93 North's, but the back country roads that wind its way through the region, offering any traveler unspoiled New England beauty. The region has immeasurable things to offer anyone willing to take a peek; from your out-of-town leaf peeper in the fall to your local explorer just looking to take the long way home. There's something wonderful for everyone.

The gentle countryside and rolling hills of northeastern Connecticut and Vermont dotted with old silo's and forgotten farmhouses remind us to slow down and catch the views on the back roads instead of hurrying to your next destination. Any trip through Massachusetts is sure to introduce you to a part of America's history while New Hampshire is bound to greet you with a scenic sight of a covered bridge on your way to the White's. While skirting Maine's seacoast, you'll pass through quaint coastal communities and small towns still thriving on the Atlantic's bounty. And Rhode Island, small but mighty, offers travelers views of unspoiled coastline, sprawling pastures and rambling vineyards. There's no better way to experience picturesque New England.

For our 13th installment, The Road Trip Issue, we'll be uncovering New England's hidden drives and lesser-known routes. We'll discover the small towns and charming communities that book-end these journeys, and get to know the people and small businesses that call them home. We'll be taking New England's roads less traveled. Come along for the ride!

Please share your story proposals with us by October 15th for consideration in our upcoming Road Trip Issue.

- vol. 12: THE CAMP ISSUE -
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