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t.e.l.l. New England was formed in 2013 as a creative outlet and way to express a unified love for New England through photography and storytelling. It has since grown into a quarterly digital publication that consistently delivers unique stories from New England by New Englanders. Almost three years later, we believe now is the time to bring our digital publication to print so that we can continue our mission to support and celebrate our community. But, we can't do this alone, we need the continued support of our fellow New Englanders! In order to take t.e.l.l. to print, we need to raise $18,000. It's a lot, but we value your contributions and feel as though we have something great to offer. Check out the below links to learn more about our rewards, and initiative, and be sure to check out our campaign video, filmed & edited by local company, Earl Studios!

Vol. 10: The Dwellings Issue

- Featured Stories -

Vertical Living | Silo Home: Al Robertson, a resident of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, chose to live vertically long ago, and has been doing so for almost 15 years. How does he do so, you ask? Well, Robertson resides in a silo, seemingly hidden amongst the tall trees of his 60-acre tree farm. Read more...

Cape Cod Modern Home Trust

Milisa Moses picked me up at the South Wellfleet General Store on a late foggy morning. We chatted a bit as she drove...Read more

Making Space for Stillness: Home Altar

I have a vivid smell-memory from my childhood: it’s a smoky, earthy smell, filling my grandmother’s house in...Read more

Little River Lighthouse

Dean and I were coming to the end of a two week road trip through New England. We had stayed in the mountains, driven...Read more

Meet the Maker: Ploughgate Creamery

There is a farm in Fayston, Vermont whose vistas have been featured in many a postcard. The outlook offers sweeping views of...Read more

Creative Dwellings: Fairy Houses

The coast of Maine is a magical and eerie place, where cliffs plunge into the cold Atlantic and isolated islands dot the coastline. Read more

Shop Local: Seed to Stem

Dwellings don’t necessarily need to be the hammer-to-nail structures where you hang your hat at night. Dwellings also provide...Read more

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