Issue 09: The homesteading Issue

The meaning of homesteading has changed over the generations, from a definition of necessity to one of a lifestyle. When settlers first came to New England, homesteading was not a choice, one had to live off the land or not live at all. Today, more and more New Englanders and Americans alike are choosing this lifestyle of self-sufficiency. They are setting aside modern conveniences for a more simple, sustainable life connected to the earth.

The uniqueness of this increasingly desired lifestyle, and our admitted fascination, lies in its adaptability. Rural farmers, suburban dwellers, and urbanites alike are finding inspiration from modern day homesteading practices. Some New Englanders have chosen this journey of self-sufficiency for the health and environmental benefits, truly living off the grid and off the land. Others, the makers and dabblers amongst us, are using only raw materials and their hands to make a living. And then there are the curious, those who want to take a small step towards self-sufficiency but don't know how.

Homesteading has taken on new meaning to different people, but one thing is clear. There are pieces of the homestead everywhere we look. In this issue we invite our readers to embrace their own little bit of the homestead. We hope to inspire our fellow New Englanders to take the first step, whether that means joining a community garden in Boston, taking on a DIY project at home, or starting a beehive in the backyard. Truly living off the earth is a challenge, but it is rewarding and deserves to be celebrated.

Vol. 08 | The roots issue : Featured Articles

t.e.l.l. New England's 8th installment, the 'Roots' issue, is inspired by traditions rooted to New England. In this issue we will embrace the idea of going back to our roots. We will indulge in age-old cuisine, celebrate centuries old communities, and uphold traditions that have been passed down from family to family. We will highlight those small businesses and shops that honor the family tree, the true mom & pop, sibling and spousal endeavors operating just down the street. New England is nothing without its roots - they shape who we are as a community, and will continue to do so for years to come. By celebrating and sharing these roots, we hope to help them grow deeper and so to the time-honored traditions of our region.


24 karat gold carrots

This roasted vegetable dish is smothered with a rich and decadent sauce made from the simplest ingredients.


Community Guide:
Page Hardware

This family-owned and operated hardware store opened in 1939 and has since become a staple in the Guilford, CT community.


Historical Rum Drinks

Drink like our ancestors did with these three simple rum-based recipes.


Root Veggie Chowder

A simple bowl of chowder full of deeply earthy, satisfying flavors that craves a brisk walk in the steely sunshine and a thick cut slice of dark brown bread.


local Guide:
Snug Harbor farm

Snug Harbor Farm's roots date back to the mid 1800's, when Snug was a family run farm, well into the 20th Century. Learn more about this historic farm.


Cambridge Naturals:
At the root of wellness

Founded in 1974, this family-owned and operated store in Cambridge's Porter Square is dedicated to sourcing products locally, organically and ethically.



A portrait of a New Englander. A short piece about growing up in Maine as the daughter of a native Maine lobsterwoman.


In their footsteps

A journey up Mount Monadnock and along the Old Toll Road like great writers of the past: Emerson and Thoreau.


New England's Historic rum trade

A look into New England's historic rum trade and the industry that is bustling with activity once again.


Hey Empana: Merging cuisine and Culture

Getting to know the talented duo that bring us tasty empanadas filled with traditional flavors and twists on modern dishes.


To A New (England) Woman

A poem depicting a celebratory ceremonial toast and a nod to youth by Lennie Newman.


The Art of letter writing:
of note stationers

A look into Of Note Stationers, modern day pioneers of the handwritten word dedicated to keeping handwritten notes alive.


finding roots with
foret design studio

An afternoon with Erin and Rose of Foret Design Studio.