Issue 11: Now Accepting Submissions!

Slow mornings. A simple ritual that's elusive all the same. With hectic schedules filled with weekday routines, nine-to-fives that more often than not are eight-to-sevens, family gatherings, friend get-togethers, appointments, holidays, oh yeah...and the "you" things that somehow keep you sane during the chaos of life. How do we even find time for everything that we do, let alone find time in the morning to stop, breathe, think and take it all in?

But, carving out that time every now and then is crucial to the re-balancing act. There's nothing sweeter than waking up on a Sunday morning, paging through your favorite novel and savoring a delicious cup of coffee. For some, their perfectmorning may be catching sunrise from their front porch or from a nearby hilltop. The vessel of enjoyment may vary, but that feeling and appreciation for the moment, is much the same.

Issue 11 is all about slow mornings, quiet mornings and morning rituals. It's a celebration of morning in New England.

If you are interested in contributing to our 11th issue, visit our Submissions page for more information on what we're looking for, and be sure to keep the below key dates in mind.

Proposal Deadline - March 1st: What's would you like to submit? This doesn't have to be a fully flushed-out article or already composed photos - simply the idea. If we feel it's a great fit for our next issue, we'll be in touch! Final Deadline - March 25th: All content will be due for Issue 11 at this time.