New England Summer - Maine (pt. II)

 I arrived at Hermit Island in Small Point, ME last Sunday. It was a long drive from Boston, but the annual pilgrimage was something I had been looking forward to since the close of my previous summer's trip. I've lost count but I think it's over fifteen years now that we've been making the trip out to this secluded tip of Maine, each year just as anticipated as the last.

The weather started strong, turned to cool & grey but managed to go out with a mild & sunny 'bang.' The best thing about Maine is that when the fog banks roll in and the grey settles along the seascape, it looks just as pretty as if it were a blue-sky day. There's just something about that Maine moodiness...

As hoped, I over-indulged in lobster (I think I lost count...), enjoyed a good book by the beach, took lots of photos, watched a few good sunsets, but most importantly, relaxed, relaxed, relaxed...

Can't wait for Hermit Island 2014!

A few photos below, enjoy!

- A