Maker Feature: Wild Lather Soaps with Liz Wible

Maker Feature: Wild Lather Soaps with Liz Wible

Photography by Jennifer Bakos

Liz and I met in high school as we both grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. Through Instagram, TELL has been following Liz (@lizandlavender) for a few years and we were finally able to meet in person and catch up! Liz has an incredible eye for good aesthetic, design, and is an all around creative soul! She recently started making soaps under the name Wild Lather, secured a full time job, and does some beautiful prop styling! I asked her a few questions as we met in Boston one day:


Tell me about your background and how your businesses came to be:

I am originally from New Hampshire and moved to Boston in 2014 to pursue a master’s degree at Emerson College. During this time, I began playing with the props and food from local shops and businesses I was exploring then posting the flat lays onto my Instagram feed.  I can barely take a look at some of my first images, but it just shows how much you can grow and learn if you dedicate time to crafting a skill, no matter what level you start at. 

What do you enjoy most about creating your soaps or styling?

Both soap making and prop styling enable me to enter a state of flow where I’m completely absorbed in the task at hand. In that moment, when my favorite music is playing, my anxiety has dissipated, and I’m creating - I truly feel at peace in my own little world. It’s amazing and the outcome is a product or image that I’m proud of. 

What are your hopes for the future of your soap business/styling? 

To never lose the feeling that I just described. It’s truly my creative outlet and I’m thankful for the opportunities that have come out of these hobbies. One day, I hope to be able to make a sustainable living from this. 


How does the (New England) community play a role in your businesses and your life?

Having grown up in New Hampshire, the New England community has played a huge role in my life and business. Many of my soap scents are inspired by the woods behind my house, local farmer’s market, or mother’s garden growing up. My styling aesthetic is inspired by the imperfections in handmade, local goods that I’ve always been so intrigued by.

 What do you enjoy about living and working in New England?

I love looking forward to the season changes and knowing that I’m almost always an hour or two away from the mountains, a beautiful city, or the ocean at any given point. New England day trips are the best and they constantly inspire me with new ideas.  

What are some of your favorite small businesses in New England?








You can follow Liz at @lizandlavender and @wildlather. Also check out her website at