The Beginner's Guide to Composting

Illusration by Hannah Rosengren

Composting is not only beneficial for the earth and the environment; it also has substantial benefits for your home, your yard and even you. It is even said that the waste stream out of your home can decrease by as much as 35% just by composting your kitchen and yard waste.

The most obvious benefit to composting is the positive effects it has on your garden. Plants grow stronger, the amount of moisture the soil retains increases making watering less frequent, it helps prevent soil erosion and improves soil structure overall. Costs to your home for things such as trash removal will also decrease as you compost your waste instead of simply tossing it into the rubbish bin. And by turning those food scraps into mineral-rich compost, you’re also reducing the amount of methane that’s produced when trash is shipped to the landfill.

Composting has effects the are both large & small scale…it’s good for the environment, the atmosphere, and your very own back yard…no wonder they call it “black gold. ” Get started composting today with these basic tips and pointers!