5 Tips for Creative Gift Wrapping

Tips by Lauren Wells, Lauren Wells Event Design + Styling

Photography by Briana Moore, Briana Moore Photography



Use simple recycled papers like kraft paper or white kraft paper to wrap each gift. Environmentally friendly and cost effective! If you prefer patterns to plain, you can paint or draw on the paper to make your own patterned wrap.



Use washi tape when wrapping - it won't matter if your creases are perfect, because the tape will be so cute.



Tie the present with twine or ribbon - you can use jute twine or bakers twine, or even leather cording or muslin ribbon.



Gift tags!
Use hang tags, gold foil tags or even slices of birch to write out
who the gift is for.



Add a special something. We used fresh greenery (which also smells great!) to finish off each gift, but you could use anything to add that final touch - an ornament, a pinecone, a candy cane.


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