Spring Tradition: To The Coast!

Spring Tradition: To The Coast!

Spring Tradition:
To The Coast!

Words & Photos by Ashley Herrin

Every year, as spring draws closer, I head to the coast to feel the water. The bitter cold is a rude awakening that winter has only just left, but I am comforted knowing that warmer days are just around the corner.

Armed with a book and a blanket, I make my way to the beach, each year finding a new destination to carry out my spring tradition. The sand is cold beneath my feet, unlike during
the summer when jumping from shade-spot to shade-spot is usually the game played. A cool breeze sweeps the sand, I press my body closer to the ground in an attempt to burrow myself
beneath the elements.

After a few hours of watching the waves crash onto shore, I make my way down to the water line, careful not to complete my spring tradition before the timing is “just right.”

It usually takes a few minutes - each crashing wave sending the same message...bitter cold. A wave breaks just a few inches from my toes - it’s now or never. I eagerly step in. Numbing cold begins to make it’s way from my toes, to my heels, to my ankles. No turning back now. The cold of the Atlantic quickly numbs my legs as I wade a bit further into the ocean. I am instantly awake.

As quickly as I went in I come out. The familiar feeling of sand beneath my toes gradually comes back as I retreat to my blanket. With a smile on my face I return to my car - happy that I have once again completed my spring tradition but also because my feet will soon be basking in the heat once my car is on.