Farmhouse Ale Fondue

Farmhouse Ale Fondue

Farmhouse Ale Fondue

Recipe by Mandi Tompkins
Photos by Ashley Herrin


1 cup Trillium Farmhouse Ale
1 lb Gruyère cheese, shredded
1 tbsp cornstarch
2 tsp Northeast Kingdom Sweet Mild Mustard
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Pinch of paprika
Sea salt


Bring your beer to a boil over medium-high heat in a fondue pot or a medium heavy saucepan. Reduce the heat to medium-low so the beer is gently simmering.  Toss the shredded Gruyère with the cornstarch in a bowl. Once thoroughly combined, add the cheese mixture to the beer one handful at a time, stirring the cheese in a figure-eight pattern until completely melted before adding more.

Once all the cheese is completely melted, stir in 2 teaspoons ofNortheast Kingdom Mustard Company’s sweet mild mustard, followed by a dash of Worcestershire sauce, paprika, and salt to taste.

Serve immediately and enjoy with sourdough bread, homemade pretzels (see page 68), or whatever else is in your pantry.

 About Trilium, Urban Farmhouse Brewing...

Trillium Brewing Company, a farmhouse style brewery based in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, is quickly becoming a favorite among local Bostonians and New Englanders alike. The brewery, whose namesake and logo are inspired by the trillium flower, has been receiving accolades left and right. Their Fort Point Pale Ale was named to the list of the World’s Top 50 New Beer Releases – out of 44,000 beers!

On top of some delicious beers are some even better names, like Treecreeper, Stumpy Duck, and Pocket Pigeon. While available for now, Trillium’s brews tend to disappear quickly, with lines around the block every Tuesday through Saturday when they are open for tastings and growler fills.  But they almost always have their tried-and-true regulars on tap – Fort Point Pale Ale, Trillium Farmhouse Ale, Pot & Kettle Oatmeal Porter – as well as a constant rotation of exciting new options.

JC and Esther Tetrault, owners of Trillium, like to keep things local. Local craftsman Brian Smith, of Smith & Plank, designed and hand-carved the taps that are used to pour beer at the brewery, as well as the bars where Trillium’s beer is sold.  And a recent limited release, the WakeRobin Farmhouse Red Rye Ale, was barrel-aged using Amandine barrels from GrandTen distillery in South Boston.

Try Trillium in their tasting room, or at one of the many restaurants and bars that now serve their tasty beer. Here are some of our favorites.

The Publick House & Monk’s Cell – Brookline, MA
Vee Vee – Jamaica Plain, MA
Brendan Behan - Jamaica Plain, MA
The Gallows – South End, Boston, MA
Hungry Mother – Cambridge, MA
Lord Hobo – Cambridge, MA
Armsby Abbey – Worcester, MA