Spring Healing Drinks

Spring Healing Drinks

Spring Healing Drinks

Recipes by Mandi Tompkins
Photos by Ashley Herrin

After a long, cold winter it’s always a relief when the first mild day hits. New England homes come out of lock down — windows open, curtains dance, and the long-awaited fresh air bursts through the staleness of winter. But your home isn’t the only thing worth clearing out this spring. Winter is a hard time to eat fresh, healthy foods and so many are left feeling less than their best come spring. As you clean house this spring, consider introducing clean and healing drinks into your routine. Whether you’re fighting allergies, stress, or the last hint of a lingering cold, Mother Nature has something for you.

Clean Green Juice

Cleanse your system with this tart and satisfying blend of healthful juices. Don’t have a juicer? Try it as a smoothie. The added fiber will give you an extra boost.

Raw ginger

Stinging Nettle Tea

This tea reduces the symptoms from hay fever and delivers relief from allergies. The stinging nettle in this tea reduces the amount of histamine the body produces in response to an allergen.

Stinging Nettle
Raw Honey

Wild Pineapple Tea

Wild Chamomile, also known as Pineapple Weed, is helpful in treating colds, intestinal upset and helps ease the pain from monthly cramps. This tea also acts as a mild sedative, similar to chamomile.

Chamomile (Wild Pineapple Weed)
Lemon Balm