Ice Cream For Breakfast with Parlor Ice Cream Co.

Ice Cream For Breakfast with Parlor Ice Cream Co.

Ice Cream For Breakfast
with Parlor Ice Cream Co.

Words and Photos by Tina Picz-Devoe, Deer Drifter Photography

Spend a morning with New England native, Jacqueline Dole, and what you'll get is a fistful of sweets.  Jacqueline, originally a pastry chef, is now the owner of Parlor Ice Cream Company.  Parlor is a Boston based, locally sourced, small batch ice cream brand.  Jacqueline comes up with some deliciously creative ways to utilize regional ingredients and products like, Allandale Farm's parsnips, milk from Stillman Farms in Lunenburg, Somerville's Union Square donuts, coffee from 1369 Coffee House in Cambridge, and Bobo's Mountain Sugar maple syrup in Vermont.  She's even created a Moxie ice cream flavor, using the soda which was the official soft drink of Maine.  Moxie, created by Maine native, Dr. Thompson in 1876 (before Coca-Cola), is now produced in New Hampshire.  Living in New England, we have the great opportunity to find so many hard-working, local growers and producers, farm-fresh products and wonderfully innovative uses for them at the top restaurants in our region.  Over the past few years, it's been great to see more and more Boston eateries featuring locally made and sustainably grown food on their seasonally changing menus, which keeps things fresh and exciting! 

Today, Jacqueline brought over some freshly spun, breakfast-inspired flavors.  First on the list was "Double Dutch," made with Taza Chocolate out of Somerville and Cocoa Puffs Cereal! It was a ridiculously creamy, crunchy, chocolatey mash-up, as she first soaked the cereal in the milk to get it fully infused with that cereal flavor.  I also scored some of her "Maple Donut" ice cream, made with Bobo's syrup and soaked donuts, on top of a maple glazed donut.  A few weeks ago, Parlor held a pop-up event at Union Square Donuts, where Jaqueline served her flavor made with the shop's raspberry pastry cream from their donuts.  Waffles are my favorite morning treat, so we also made some waffle ice cream sandwiches.  What a way to start a day!

Jacqueline had her start at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in 2008, and began working at Glutenus Minimus Bakery in Belmont, MA.  There she specialized in gluten-free baked goods for three years, then moved on to Catalyst restaurant in Cambridge, before becoming Executive Pastry Chef at Mei Mei in Boston.  I fondly recall the night in 2014 at Mei Mei when we first met and I tried her first-ever batch of ice cream at a pop-up event.  She had created a delectable Baked Alaska filled with grilled squash ice cream, sourcing squash grown by Bill Braun at Ivory Silo Farm in Westport, MA.  I watched her hand-torch the meringue on over 50 of those yummy treats as my mouth watered!  Her time at Chinese-American restaurant, Mei Mei, allowed her the creative freedom to conjure up pastries and desserts like Black Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sweet Corn Cake, Smoked White Chocolate Ganache, Rhubarb Curd, Sweet Potato Churro with Miso Caramel, Eggnog Panna Cotta, and Strawberry Rhubarb Pavlova.  I always loved going in there and seeing her new ideas and the chalkboard list of local farm ingredients they source for their menu. 

At age 26, Jacqueline was featured in Zagat's 2014 list of Boston's "30 Under 30" for top Pastry Chef.  Now that Jacqueline's embarked on her solo entrepreneurial adventure, you may spot her sourcing local ingredients all over New England!  She's often found at farms like her favorite Eva's Garden in Dartmouth, MA, a certified organic grower of herbs, edible flowers and specialty greens.  She also totes around her tackle box, rod and cooler in her pick-up truck, always prepared for a good fishing detour!  At this point, I wouldn't be too surprised if she even found a use for seafood in her ice cream!  Aside from selling online and at SoWa Market this Summer, Parlor Ice Cream Company is ready and willing to create custom flavors for your special events or restaurant menu collaborations. 

Here's a line-up of some of Parlor's unique flavors:
Maple Parsnip - roasted parsnips & maple syrup from Allandale Farm
Berry Cheesy - farmstead cheese & strawberry rhubarb jam (She grew some rhubarb herself!)
A Latte Milk -  coffee from 1369 Coffee House
Too Matcha Mochi - green tea & mochi
Sesamiso - sesame caramel & miso
Double Dutch - Cocoa Puffs & Taza Chocolate
Apple Of My Pie - cheddar cheese base & apple pie
Beets Me - beet root


Find Parlor Ice Cream Co. at SoWa Boston - South End Open Market - over the summer, as well as various pop-up events at Boston eateries or online.

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