New England Gear Guide

New England Gear Guide
Made in New England. Tested in New England.

Photos by Jenn Bakos


NEMO Equipment

Tents, sleeping bags, pads, and all the gear needed for your next adventure.

NEMO was founded in 2002 by Cam Bresinger, CEO and lead designer of the NH made company. He began his work on NEMO in a historic mill building in Nashua, NH with the help of his education at Rhode Island School of Design and previous time working with MIT. Since then NEMO has won several awards, expanded their line of equipment beyond tents, and moved to a bigger space in Dover, NH.  Their product line includes tents, pillows, sleeping bags, pads, and even portable showers. NEMO has progressive technology, a strong understanding of their outdoor adventure clientele, and even has partnerships with some great organizations and causes such as the New Hampshire Teen Institute, the Wounded Warrior Project, and The Conservation Alliance. They are a company we can really get behind!



Manufacturer of portable outdoor stoves that are lightweight, efficient & ideal for any mountain.

JetBoil is the perfect way to get cooking fast whether you’re camping or hiking. Founded by Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst in 2001, the company aimed to make a design that was lightweight and able to increase the heat transfer efficiency. They succeeded and have become a staple in the backpacking community since. The JetBoil systems include small personal stoves, to larger group stoves, pots and pans.


YAYA Organics

All-natural and organic production of deodorant and tick & mosquito repellent.

Based in New Hampshire, YAYA Organics manufactures a line of all-natural and organic tick and mosquito repellents and deodorants. YAYA’s line was born in 2014, after an increase in tick levels in the region. The products were born from necessity, and the company strives to continually push out products that truly work.


Camp Mix

Makers of camp mix, the original all-in-one spice blend, and a variety of spices for all your cooking needs.

This will be your next favorite seasoning to bring with you when you do any camp cooking! Camp Mix is made in New Hampshire and was put together by accident after Tom, the owner, put a few different seasonings in one bottle to conserve space in the camp kitchen. After the family started using the bottle of spices, it was a hit!


Good To-Go

Gourmet Dehydrated Food made especially for the Camping enthusiast and overnight adventurer.

Founded by Jennifer Scism, an award-winning chef from New York, Good To-Go offers a healthy and natural way to enjoy food on the trail or at your camp site. They are dehydrated and contain no preservatives and lots of nutrients to keep you going while on your adventures. Made in Maine and with local ingredients, these meals are easy to make and taste incredible!


Hills & Trails Co.

Print shop designing Hand-made goods and wares for the New England explorer.

Hills & Trails Co. is an illustration and print studio out of Saco, Maine. Kanya Zillmer and James Frydrych who both have a background in creative industries such as graphic design and photography, started the company through their inspiration from their weekly trips in the outdoors. They aim to create a product that is minimalistic but rustic and something that reminds them of their cabin up in Maine.


Apotheker's Kitchen

Honey-sweetened and handcrafted chocolate made from locally-sourced goods.

Founded in Boston, MA by Russ and Shari Apotheker, Apotheker’s Kitchen produces handcrafted goods from all-natural, simple and clean ingredients. Their line of chocolates and other treats are made from locally sourced materials and are sweetened by honey instead of more common sources. This uncommon twist on chocolate results in a uniquely delicious treat, perfect for any marshmallow and campfire.


All Terrain Co.

All-natural and biodegradable remedies for the outdoor enthusiast.

Based out of Sunnapee, NH, All Terrain is all about keeping things natural while outdoors, the way it should be! From insect repellent to sunscreen, you can protect yourself with out harming yourself with toxic chemicals. Great for both you and the environment and perfect for camping in the New England wilderness!