Issue 01 is finally here! This has been a long time coming...a little labor of love from Jenn & I, and we couldn't be more excited to finally share it with you all!

Many of you have asked how this all came to fruition, here's a little back story that led to the eventual development & creation of this publication.

Last year, Jenn & I met (informally) via social media…thank you Instagram & Tumblr! After realizing we were both from the great state of New Hampshire and shared a love for photography, we decided to formally meet. Over coffee and tea, we shared stories, our passions and our hopes for our future selves...we both quickly realized that these things often intertwined with the other’s… the photography bit was glaringly obvious, but there was more to it than that. Travel and experiencing all that life had to offer was high on the list, all things nature was too. We both share a fondness for exploration and adventure…road trip, anyone? Additionally, we both wanted to merge into lifestyle photography, we both LOVED New England (as much as the travel bug, bites), and we both knew we wanted to do something bigger…although we had no idea at the time what bigger, was.

Introducing t.el.l….The Essence of Living Locally in New England…our “something bigger. ” Merging all the things we love: photography, nature, travel, food & New England and hopefully, the perfect blend of what it means to be a true New Englander.

As we navigate through the course of this publication, we hope that you truly enjoy what it is and what it becomes.  Now, without further ado…Issue 01 | Spring 2013

- A