SPRING FEVER: There comes a time in New England when the cold blanket of snow slowly begins to melt and the frigid thaw finally begins to receed. After a long winter, that undeniable itch for warmth sets in. More hours spent with the sun allows us to once again become aware of and enjoy our surroundings.

It slowly trickles in. We find ourselves outside more. Our senses are heightened. The familiar smell of cool mornings and warming afternoons sets in. Our ears excite at the sound of the returning songbirds. We embrace the longer days by coming to terms with our environment. We take walks. We go snow shoeing and cross-country skiing. We venture to places that we haven't since the snow blanketed our tracks. Our spirits are awakened.

We set out to deny winter of it's abilities to keep us in doors by celebrating all that is spring with an afternoon campfire shared with good friends, fire-side snacks and delicious drinks to warm the soul.