The Maple Harvest. A signature time and production in this region. Hoping for the right mix of warmth and cold. That's what living in New England is like, right?

As the days grow warmer, but the nights remain cool, the harvest begins. Maple trees are generous with their fiery colors in the Autumn and sugary sweetness in the Winter...a little something to get us through those harsh months perhaps. Farmers collect the sap...some through plastic tubing while others maintain a more traditional method and use tin buckets...and begin to boil it down into syrup. The smell of the large clouds of steam billowing up into the beams of the barn is heavenly. After boiling down and being filtered, the lucious syrup is ready. Liquid gold. Pure maple syrup. You'll never want to go back to the store bought stuff again. 

{Featured farm: Heritage Farm in Sanbornton, New Hampshire. Matt and Rachel Swain have owned and run the farm for years, but before them their family for generations have kept it alive. We encourage you to visit them or any other local maple production farms for a taste of one of New England's best products}