About an hour away from where I live, down the highway and up some winding roads, a quaint farm and cafe sits peacefully on top of a hill. Part of one of the oldest CSA programs in the country, Hilltop Cafe uses fresh and local ingredients for their incredible food and drink. I visited a few weeks ago and had to go back again the same week because it was so good. The first thing I noticed when I went was the sense of closeness and community, as everyone that came in pretty much knew everyone else which was great to see. If you love breakfast, this might just become your new favorite hang out, and if you love lunch, I could say the same thing. Crepes, french toast, sandwiches and soups, as well as coffee and tea are some of the variety on the menu. They just started hosting bands to play music on Friday and Saturday nights, something I hope to check out this year. I really wished this place was closer to me because it's so beautiful and so nice to go to. Don't forget to explore the rest of the farm while you are there to see the dairy cows and pigs, as well as other animals!