Molly's Maple Barn - Francestown, NH

Much like everyone else, we in New England enjoy our four seasons, but unlike everyone else, our seasons are a little different. Sure, we enjoy a beautiful summer and endure a blistery winter, but what makes our region unique and unlike the rest are the two other seasons...foliage season and maple sugaring season. But what I'm most interested in is the latter, New England's "Maple Spring" ...the shortest but the sweetest.

For a few short weeks, many New Englanders set out to tap, collect, boil and bottle. Some are hobbyists while others produce thousands of gallons of syrup for our kitchen tables. Regardless of the size of the operation, the end product is just the same...delicious and incredible New England maple syrup.

{Featured farm: Molly's Maple Barn in Francestown, New Hampshire. Owned and operated by Bruce and Danielle Harrington, Molly's has been producing maple syrup for 5 years.}