Mini Green Houses

Happy First Day of Spring! It's been long awaited, hasn't it? We are welcoming spring with open arms!

To celebrate and prepare for hopefully warmer months, we've decided to share a quick tutorial to get your seeds started in mini green houses made from milk jugs! It's a great way to re-purpose these gallons and also keep that wishful thinking going. Summer will arrive in a few months and our gardens will be full and blooming (fingers crossed)! 

To make these you only need a few things:

-Milk jugs (gallons are great but you can do this with different sizes too)

-Box cutter/knife/exacto knife etc..

-Soil (we used an organic potting soil)

-Duct tape or zip ties

-Sharpie or some other permanent marker 

-Seeds of your choice

You can use milk gallons, water gallons, ask your friends and family to save some for you, before you know it, you'll have a pretty good collection going.

milk jug green house

We used organic seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds which are 100% organic, GMO free, and from Vermont!

Be sure to poke holes in the bottom of the jug for drainage. After that cut into your jug a few inches from the bottom and slice it around, leaving about an inch by the handle as a hinge. Don't cut it all the way around.

Fill the bottom portion with your soil. Be sure to moisten it a bit and add your seeds following the direction on your seed packet for different depths and spacing.

Label what's in your jugs and put the date so you know what is in there and when you started! 

Close them up when you are done and duct tape them around the opening. Alternatively you can use zip ties to do this as well.

Be sure to take the tops off. This will allow some heat to escape because it will get pretty warm and moist inside. This will also let the elements in (rain, snow, sleet) which is fine.

You're done! You can even put these in snow. It's suggested to start them in February or March. Now we wait and hopefully the seeds will sprout! Once they do, it's good to water them regularly. As the plants grow, it is good to open the jugs up during the day and close them up at night if there is still a danger of frost. When they are ready to be transplanted you can just cut the jugs and take the seedlings out carefully and put them into your garden bed or pot. 

Here's to spring and a generous garden!