New England is unique in that you can travel from end to end in a day. Its compact size enables any resident or visitor to be in Rhode Island in the morning and northern Maine in the afternoon. But, we’d be lying if we said we encouraged that. Over the years we’ve become increasing fans of slowing down – when we hop out of bed in the morning, in our daily routine, when indulging in each home-cooked meal, and now, even when we hop in our cars heading for the next destination.

Because, when you hurry through life, you miss a lot of the beauty that’s masked in the mundane.

This issue pays homage to the beauty of New England’s back roads. The winding roads that meander past farmlands, forest and crumbling stone walls. The roads that suddenly become dirt and take you to destinations unfound.

These roads hold a bit of our history, untouched by modern technologies and industrialization. They hold landscapes rich with photo opportunities around every corner and a true discovery of the New England region.