Spicy Bourbon Hot Chocolate

Warm up this winter with a Spicy Bourbon Hot Chocolate! Apotheker's Triple Pepper Dark Chocolate takes your taste buds out of hibernation during these cold, winter months. We started by making slight modifications to Apotheker's Spicy Hot Chocolate recipe and topping with our favorite local bourbon, Berkshire Mountain Distiller's Bourbon Whiskey for that extra kick! Enjoy the full recipe below!

**This recipe is not for the faint of heart!


  • ½ bar of Apotheker’s Spicy Triple Pepper Dark Chocolate
  • 6 oz. water
  • 1 oz. milk
  • 1 tbsp. Maple Syrup
  • top with Berkshire Mountain Bourbon Whiskey (or your favorite local bourbon of choice)


In a sauce pan, combine water, milk & chocolate. Bring to medium heat, stirring constantly. Once chocolate is melted and mixed into the water and milk, add maple syrup. Pour into a mug, top with bourbon and enjoy!